DIY: Decorating Easter Eggs

DIY: Decorating Easter Eggs

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Looking for decorating ideas for kids? Here we have some Easter Egg ideas that are a great way to get the whole family involved in fun holiday activities.

Wood Eggs

  • Use colorful paints
  • Carve designs in them
  • Cover them with beads like traditional Romanian eggs
  • Coat eggs with chalkboard paint and use chalk to draw designs

Plastic Eggs

  • Use colorful paints
  • Decorate with stickers

Styrofoam Eggs

  • Use colorful paints
  • Decorate with tissue paper or wrapping paper that has been dipped in a glue/water solution and cover with Mod Podge
  • Decorate with glitter

Plaster Eggs

  • Make “plaster eggs” by using gauze available from a medical supply store. Blow up a water balloon and cut the plaster casting into strips. Dip the plaster casting into water and put on the balloon. Let dry for a few hours. (Note: this activity would not be safe for a child with a latex allergy. )
  • Decorate with string dipped in to a glue/water solution to stick and after it dries, use paint or gold foil to emboss.

Good luck!

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